I Love You V

BY Milla

Yesterday I had a night of immensely wonderful sex ... I can't stop thinking about him ... Hard, huge, looking at me, waiting for my touch, my lick, my flesh ...

I can't stop feeling it between my legs, in my hands ... brushing against my face, sliding on my belly, wanting to get into my ass ... And yes, obviously! He entered.

If I look at the wall, I see it ... If I look at the kitchen, I see it ... If I look at a book, I see it ... And worse, I mean, the best ... I'm already all wet thinking of him ... I need to solve my problem immensely!

Tuu ... Tuuu ... Tuuuu ... Tuuuuuu ... I'm in a serious love affair ... I love you my vibrator !!!

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I’m a Spanish art director, fine arts artist and digital designer. I’m motivated by a constant interest in representing reality through my perception, I feel the need to overcome the dimension of the drawing plane and transport it to three-dimensional sculptures, structures and installations. I’ve made still lives which are characterized by a strong pop style with Memphis Group influences. They all have a heavy and almost surrealistic comedy touch. I pretend to evoke the influence of images that are given by the globalized society in which we live.