Lonely Arousal

by JessG

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I’m a Spanish art director, fine arts artist and digital designer. I’m motivated by a constant interest in representing reality through my perception, I feel the need to overcome the dimension of the drawing plane and transport it to three-dimensional sculptures, structures and installations. I’ve made still lives which are characterized by a strong pop style with Memphis Group influences. They all have a heavy and almost surrealistic comedy touch. I pretend to evoke the influence of images that are given by the globalized society in which we live.

Loneliness arouses me.

It's a combination of lacking physical touch and drawing inward to myself that simulates this sexual need.

Recently this type of lonely, sexual lust has taken over me completely, as I've just moved to a foreign city completely and 100% alone. I have no friends in the area and my work is relatively solitary, so I spend large tracks of time by myself.

Every human interaction is heightened in my loneliness - the lingering gaze of a stranger, a slight brush of the the barista's hand, an accidental push onto the metro by another commuter. Gradually, throughout the weeks, these encounters bring a heat to my cheeks that slowly works it way down my torso, to my stomach, to my inner thighs, and lastly to my groin. I can't help but fantasize if one of this passing strangers just lingered a little bit longer. Maybe a gentleman on the metro experiencing the same lonely arousal as me?

Maybe it starts with an accidental jostle into the carriage. Our hands brushing each other in the crowded, commuter car. The prolonged eye contact in the gaggle of people. The heat in both of our cheeks. Maybe he follows me home - both looking to satiate this strange desire. Or maybe, still carrying the heat in my cheeks and vagina, I once again go home alone satisfying myself.

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