Leather Love

BY leatherboy
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Do you know what Olfactophilia is? I’m turned on by smells. From men and women. The smell of sweat, the smell of cum. When a woman opens her legs after a hot day sitting on the tube and you can smell her faint scent. The smell on your fingers after you’ve buried them deep inside a man to touch his prostate. The smell of someone’s feet after walking around in plastic shoes all day. The scent of a woman on her period is one I could be surrounded by 24/7. When someone is lying next to you and dozing off, and your semen is drying on their stomach and you can lean down and smell it – salty but not overpowering.

But what really gets me hard is fetish gear. Specifically, leather. To stroke my nose along the soft, fresh leather of an expensive whip; or better, to have my face completely covered in a mask of exquisite material that feels like it’s caressing my face, filling my nostrils with the aroma. To be held by a harness of latex or patent leather, to feel the strength of the material against my skin, embraced by rich fabric. There is nothing that I like more.

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