Just friends.

BY Cherrypie
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I've been friends with this guy for many years and there is this constant sexual tension. We always joke about it, but I know that secretly he wants me, and I want him more than I can explain. When I watch him play guitar with those hands, his long blonde hair perfectly sitting on his face, that nose ring and smirk on his face makes me want to push him to the ground and fuck his brains out. The way he walks, talks and makes jokes drive me absolutely nuts. His Skid Row shirt that I just want to rip off him and have him stuff my mouth with it so I can't make a noise while he drives his cock deep inside me. Please bring this fantasy to life!

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  • 123Moondog

    A classic love story... Why not?

    • Cherrypie

      Something about those tall, skinny, long haired musicians that makes my heart melt

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Tryxxy Sphynx is an artist that focuses on the beauty of the human form in moments of intimacy with others and intimacy with self.

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