Jam me gently

BY rrom96
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

In my dreams we've had sex insurmountable times. My friends and I have this theory that we've  had sex already but I was too drunk to remember. So after a particularly drunken weekend, I stumbled into my ballet class but as soon as I saw his perfect caboose I got instantly horny. Our professor had us doing demi-plies, but all I wanted to do was grande-plie onto his cock.
Our next class was tap. He noticed me noticing his cock. And he said, "I liked your plies. How far can you go down?"
Suddenly, the fire alarm went off and the rest of the class shuffled out of the room, but we quickly shuffled to the back of the room against the long, hard ballet bar. I felt as if he was taking the bar itself off the wall and jamming it gently into my anus, but then I realized it was just his veiny, throbbing, hard, sweaty, dripping cock. The entire time the fire alarm continued to screech.
Turns out there was actually a fire.

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Nate Walton is a photographer out of Los Angeles. His incredible work and vintage style represents a new libertine generation with distinctly Californian flair.

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