Intimate Neighbour

BY xplicitxposure Vargas
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I had this really cute neighbor but I was much younger than her so I was not really on her radar. One summer night I could not sleep and I was tossing and turning when my room lit up from the light of her house next door. My blinds and window were open and so were hers. She began to undress and I dared not move because I was undressed as well. It was summer after all and the desert heat even at night prefered little clothes. She began to dress for bed and looked over at me and I pretended to be asleep. She stared at me for a little bit, went away and then came back to look at me once more before turning off the light. The next night she did the same thing and undressed by her window while she faced mine. She did this night after night. One night she had sex with her boyfriend in front of the window and was glancing over at me in between. When she would see me in person she would just wave and smile and I would do the same. I always wonder if she knew I was awake or if she really thought I was sleeping.

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Pol Agustí started out as an art director for films, TV and advertising in Barcelona. He is now based in Mexico City, though he is mostly a nomad, travelling the world and capturing friends an acquaintances in their natural forms. His pictures are simultaneously nostalgic and cheeky, full of love for life and people.

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