Hot for Amish

BY Trainrider
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I have ridden the train back and forth from Minneapolis to Seattle more times than I can count on one hand. For the most part I sit in the observation car the whole three day trip reading. When we reach South Dakota there are always a large number of Amish who board the trains. The men all have these little straw hats with the same blunt cut under the ears and bangs with short beards and checkered home made shirts and blue pants. I furtively watch the younger unmarried ones from over my book and fantasize about seducing them in the bathrooms on the lower level of the train. There's something about what you can't have sitting right in front of you that is just so hot, especially when you know you would be breaking religious taboos and being oh so naughty.

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Chelsea Zahara S is a Canadian erotic artist. She began her career in 2016, and has garnered much attention after posting her work on social media. Frustrated and searching for art she herself could relate to, she decided to model each piece after herself. Her goal is to normalize and celebrate all body types through her art, by showcasing unconventional appearances in erotic forms.