At the Hospital, a new path...

BY Theblondie
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I'm a doctor, 28 years old. It has been 2 years since I've graduated.

I've just broken up with my boyfriend from a seven year relationship. In the past years, I've realised I'm attracted to women. Walking towards exploring that new path.

I realised this in the Hospital, while having a class and observing how beautiful the person was who was giving the class. How beautiful her breasts were, and how exciting it would be to be kissing and licking them....

There's a friend of mine, she's one year older than me. I love watching her. I love everything about her. She has blonde, and a little redish hair, not curly nor straight. I know it's frankly impossible, but I love to observe and about kissing her everywhere and being kissed back. Maybe at the Hospital, been locked up in our staff bedroom and loosing control. Watching her naked and touching, licking and giving her pleasure. Listening her moan, and her wanting to give the same to me........

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I like pretty girls in any shape and size and I want to bring back natural, sexy beauty." Sarah is a 28 year old photographer who lives in Berlin and keeps her work 100% Photoshop-free

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