Holy Fuck

BY Kinky Finky
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I was housesitting in the suburbs, during last summer. One afternoon, the twilight had settled, and somebody knocked on the door. I'd been half asleep out of sheer boredom and all I was wearing was a white see through t-shirt, no bra and no pants. I woke up to see two men standing on the other side of the door. They were tall, handsome and very properly dressed. They wanted to talk about Jesus and spread the message. I myself don’t believe in anything, so we talked about that for a bit. I could feel that they were looking at my breasts, when they thought I wouldn't notice. I didn't want to talk about Jesus, I wanted to spread my legs for these perfectly-proportioned young men. I sent them off, but in my head I brought them inside. We would kiss passionately all night, they would take turns fucking me, all three of us would be sweaty and breathing heavily by the end of it. I would show them the real God, I would love to see them cum.

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  • 123Moondog

    Thank you, God!

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Noelia's body of work is a mix of her own reality, wildest dreams and deepest thoughts. She finds inspiration in feminist culture through the lens of her own experiences and strong and sexually liberated female figures who are part of her life; often illustrating these ideas as witty monochromatic statements. Anthropomorphism is an important component of her painting work, creating a fantasy world to synthesize human and animal traits in allegorical-esque portraits and still lives.

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