He's Mine

BY Pandora
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

My fantasy has always been simple. Loyalty, trust and submission.
I want him in a room filled with comforts. I want him to look up to me, like I'm the most important thing in the world. I want to tie him up enough that I'm in control, but so that he has a little freedom to do more, if he wishes. I want him to submit to me. I want to make him mine. I worship his body, massage it and rub it from head to toe. I play with his dick. I ride him, if he asks nicely, but in doing so he forfeits his right to touch me. His hands have to stay where I can see them. If it gets too much I can hold them for him until he comes. I don't even need to come. That's all I need.

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Glam Beckett is an artist from Moscow, Russia. Her main themes are the female body, romance between love and death, Punk and BDSM culture.