I Hear Birds When I Fuck

BY Ashikawa Mo
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

Two poets living in a town; always when they have sex they declare poems to each other the whole time. They have the poems in their minds. One day the two poets meet two butoh dancers. The butoh dancers sample sounds from different places in town and dance butoh to the sounds having sex. The mother of one of the poets dies. She was a painter. And in her life she had very radical ideas about body language, dance, education and erotic. An interview with her, a photo of a painting very color full where a couple make love with hundreds of small birds over their bodies. As an tribute to her the four decides to make a public erotic performance with poetry and dance "I hear birds when I fuck". They work day and night. The performance day, a small public, in a dance studio. The performance is like a mix of sampled sounds, voice, body poetry sex dance a mix with poetry from Hiromo Ito, Alejandra Pizarnik, Wislawa Szchymborska, Garcia Lorca a mix with dance and koreografi of Kazou Ono, Pina Bausch, Sasha Waltz and Hijikata. The four standing at the mothers grave. A black an white video - the mother masturbate with a bird between the breasts.

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Clara Blum, also known as Succube Vorace, is a French artist and a dentist. Her main interests include nude photography and doodling naive pornographic scenes in her bullet journal.

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