The Health Scare

BY Sex-a-licious
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My wife's best (straight) friend recently had a health scare. One day not long after, she texted my wife a message that made me think that she was hitting on my wife. Something about "maybe it was meant to be". My wife laughed it off as being related to the health scare.

Another text had them going out for drinks for moral support. That night I worked late and upon my return home discovered that "out for drinks" was actually over to our place for drinks. They were on their second bottle of wine when I walked in the door so I joined them for a glass.

My wife mentioned to her friend that I had thought that one of her messages had been an attempt to hit on her. Instead of denying it, her friend leaned across the couch and gave my wife a long, deep kiss...while staring me straight in the eyes...

She said that her health scare made her realize the things that she really wanted in life and one of those things was to have an affair with my wife!

I was not really sure what to say but then my wife started to unbutton her shirt and said "Why not, you only live once but we have to fuck my husband too".

Needless to say, that evening was an unforgettable one as we fucked and sucked and fucked again in ways that I had only ever fantasized about.

And while I am glad that her friend turned out to be healthy in the end, I am glad of that little scare and what it led to.

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