A guy to fuck my boyfriend with me

BY Axar
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I keep having this fantasy about inviting a man to bed with me and my boyfriend. But it's not the basic threesome with two males sharing one female. I would like them to interact between themselves. I would like to watch them fondling each other, kissing, exploring in awe of the first time experiencing this kind of pleasure. Then I would join them in bed, all three of us entwined without knowing where one started and the others ended. The guy sucking my boyfriend's dick and pushing his fingers in his ass while I sit on my love's face... Then our friend stands and starts fucking me without my boyfriend stoping to suck my cunt and now his cock... By the end, I lay on my back, my boyfriend fucks my mouth, while our friend fucks his ass from behind... My biggest wish is watching my darling's face in uncontrolled pleasure both from a cock and my cunt at the same time until he finally comes.

Your Comments

  • secretaportenita
    I'm so down for this... biggest turn on ever.
    • Axar
  • Kopernikus
    i would love to be your boyfriend at this part ;)
    • Axar
      I am turned on by you right now.
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Leo Adef is an Argentinian director and photographer based in Barcelona. His work explores sexuality, youth and identity in a very intimate way.