BY zmicheala
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I’ve always had a serious thing for twinks. Maybe it doesn’t make a lot of normative “sense” since I’m a female, but I just can’t resist those pretty boys with evil looks and big cock-sucking lips.

Once I picked up a hot twink outside a gay club, offering him a cigarette and lighting it for him. I'm extremely androgynous, and was obviously dressed in menswear that night. Maybe he knew I was a woman right away, but he didn't let on. He hesitated at first, suspicious, but I said all the right things, and cruised him just right. Curiosity got the best of him and we fucked in the bathroom stall of the club.

I wore the strap on and binder that I'd been carrying in my bag all night. He went down on his knees and gave me a blowjob, and then bottomed for me. The sex was hot, frantic, and confusing. It was our little genderfucked secret.

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