Fuck Me

BY HeidiSwitch
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

My name is Heidi and I would like to recall the best sex i've ever had... and that is with myself!

To explore the curves of my body, finding pleasure in the most sensitive areas, taking MY time and knowing what feels best for me is the most erotic thing. Romantic in fact. Thats right... my best lover is me.

I make love to me.

I'm kinky with me.

I fuck me.

(This is Heidi Switch, by the way!!)

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  • Morgan2002
    I can totally relate! Let's embrace female masturbation all together <3 Let's stop referring to it as the lame Version of "real Sex"
    Self Love is the most important kind of Love after all...
    • Dominae

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Beat it til u burn it out!!!!
  • Melilly
  • Kadin
    I am so much in support!! How else can you guide a willing lover. Keep exploring, keep discovering. Your message is clear to me!
    Thank you for sharing.
  • Kadin
    ...and I enjoyed your lovely work in "Heidi & The Dough Boys", "Don't Touch The Art...Touch Me", "Tips and Tricks for Suckin' Dicks" and "Don't Call me a Dick". You were just adorable. >---ThankYou---<
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Maria La Sangre is an independent designer and erotic photographer. Since 2013, author of Bloody Mary Lingerie, an online brand that works with different types of women, without photo retouching on their bodies, trying to change the concept of beauty and self-acceptance. Currently working in Argentina and Chile, making personal books to real people and working on personal projects in photography and fashion.

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