A polyamorous love story that will make you believe in true love that does not depend on the number of partners you have.

"My biggest fantasy is to be in a polyamorous relationship with two guys. I want it to be a romantic relationship, but I also want to find guys who will make love to each other when we're having three-way sex! The desire has to be equal between all three of us or it doesn't work for me. I don't think it will be easy to find. I fantasize about dating two guys who are best friends, and then sitting them down and ordering them to have sex with each other while I watch. I want to be the boss! I might join in, but the idea of them wanting me so much that they would be willing to make love to each other is my ultimate fantasy! "

— By Junie Moon
Erika's comment

After Refugees Welcome and Scotch Egg, Valentin, Pierre & Catalina is Bruce LaBruce's third movie for XConfessions. And, as always with Bruce, politics have never been more sexy! He came to visit us in Barcelona to film his polyamorous love story, set in the dystopian, independent Republic of Catalunya. Valentin, Bishop and Natalia are an exceptionally great cast and I love the mixture of comedic storytelling and romantic elements Bruce chose for this movie. It's beautiful, funny, hot and touching all at once!


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    As a bisexual guy, I really like it that you are publishing films where men aren‘t always either into women or other men but can be bi. The variety of porn out there is huge but not so much when it comes to bi guys. In mainstream porn, if there is a threesome its very likely with to girls and a guy (nothing wrong with that, I can enjoy that too) or with one girl and two guys which seem like they try everything they can to keep a save distance to each other, but in almost no case, the boys interact. In porn it almost seems like there are no bisexual men, it’s like everybody feels the permanent urge to say “no homo, bro”. Porn with bi men is extremely rare and if you find it, its mostly not very high quality. Since I‘m really into the high quality standard and the artistic attitude of XC, I am especially happy that you’re giving the internet more bisexual guy action. Keep up the good work and please, give us more of it!
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    This is the best! Thank you, gracias, grazie.
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    Such an entertaining film, I adored this story line! The competitive aspect and play on storytelling using current political references was really fun!
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    I have the same longing for two lovers in my life. This was such a beautiful movie. Thank you <3
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    Really loved the story line. And the concept of 3 people living each other the way portrayed.
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