'Split' from civilisation and let yourself indulge in saliva fetish and raw outdoor sex.

"I find nature extremely erotic. I love to get out of the city and go on hikes by myself. I love how physical it is, getting scratched and whipped by branches. There’s something exciting about how unpredictable nature is, how it forces us to reconnect with our primordial selves. I would love to share this experience with a partner, strip down to our bare skin and get dirty."

— By WildChild
Erika's comment

Shot in a secluded forested area nearby Vancover, SP(L)IT takes us into the wild to explore the connection between nature and sexuality, disgust and arousal, indulging in saliva fetish and outdoor sex with wonderful performances by real life couple Sif and Clint Blvck. This contribution by Julia Patey is as far from the mainstream as humanly possible and hard to compare to anything else we have on XConfessions so far.

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    I loved how this film depicts nature, in such a warm and beautiful way. I feel like going for a walk into the forest in summertime and laying on the grass for a nap. What a great movie director!
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    Absolutely loved it! The actors are great, the nature is amazing, and all together makes it my favorites movie so far!
    Would love to see more like this :)
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