Boat-owner Jenny desperately needs to sell her boat and discovers that she is a much better sales woman than she thought.

"I'm trying to sell my boat. I've been struggling. It's a narrow boat in London and although in the summer it's so lovely to lie on the roof and sunbathe, in the winter it can be a little chilly. I've started to have this fantasy... where a prospective buyer walks past. He's tempted, but he's not sure. So I invite him in for a cup of tea - and use my powers of seduction to convince him. I take all my clothes off and show him my body, and in that tiny narrow boat, he's unable to resist. As I straddle him I feel him getting hard, and it lights a fire within me. I'm in control, I'm using him, I'm giving him what he wants and in exchange he's going to buy my sodding boat. If its the last thing he ever does….."

— By Pirate_Jenny
Erika's comment

All Aboard The Good Ship Jenny! Terri Heart takes on the challenge of shooting a fantasy aboard a lovely English narrow-boat in London, and pulls it off with aplomb! It's a pleasure to introduce two new performers and a brand new Guest Director for this very English tale, that seems like it's one thing but develops into quite another!


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  • D
    It´s amazing, I can´t understand the director´s magic. Thanks for this work!!!!
  • J
    Oh hot damn this is so much fun! There is even a shot of the boat rocking. Stirling and Daisy are great together.
  • K
    WOW, good job!!
  • S
    Uhh... trigger warning for viewers squeamish about stabbing and blood. I never ever expected this from the premise nor its description.
    • S
      Did they take this out? I didn't see any stabbing!!!
  • S
    This was great but I didn't get the stabbing part or why it was relevant.
  • M
    awesome! what is up with her stabbing him? ok?! i liked it alot. =)
  • N
    Nats CM
    Woahhh I love it!! Great work
  • D
    Long time fan of Xconfessions, but this is pretty poor.
    There doesn't seem to be any chemistry, the acting is poor generally, and the cinematography is not great.
    Plus, as several have said above me, this needs a TRIGGER WARNING for bloody violence.
  • J
    Really enjoyed her orgasm seem. That shook me a bit.
  • M
    Really hot, I loved this one. Just really nicely done.
    • M
      Also, I love it when they have music all the way through! Thanks!
  • C
    Who said porn can't induce humor, and I mean the "intrinsic" humor of sex itself? Visuals have always been the mode of symbolism, but it was refreshing to see music acting as a competent candidate as well. Excellent stuff!
  • M
    Boring. Didn’t see blood but I saw red paint.
  • R
    Fun premise for a short film but the acting was a bit fake and felt scripted and a bit unnatural (the talking bits I mean), but the rest was pretty good. Also a bit confused about talk of stabbing (?) can’t see how that would fit in the film unless it’s been edited
    • R
      It's been edited out, and no, it didn't make much sense in the original version. She just stabbed him from out of nowhere.
  • D
    Doom Daddy
    I got it, the original film that is. I mean, it’s written on the title people. “pirate Jenny Strikes Again”. To me it said that she’s not trying to sell this boat, she is a serial killer, and the narrow boat for sale, it’s just her ruse to lure her victims in.

    That’s just my interpretation of the original art piece as presented by the director.

    Too bad that because of some people’s sensitivities the art piece was censored. I hate censorship of art and artists.
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