They work together like a perfectly oiled (sex) machine.

"Flour, yeast, water, salt, his strong hands kneading the mixture in a sensual way, and me, looking at him with big eyes behind the glass of the bakery in my neighbourhood.

I was only a teenager and the baker was a little older than me, and even though nothing ever happened, in my fantasy I was his dough, and we made love on top of the table covered in flour, the air full of sweet aromas. The spices, the smell of recently baked bread, the intense heat of the oven, the fire wood... the whole atmosphere still makes me shiver when I enter an authentic bakery or when I cut the first piece of a really good loaf."

— By MasaMadre
Erika's comment

This confession took us to a real bakery in Barcelona and we loved all about that atmosphere! Shooting next to big chunks of dough, getting flower all over the performers was super erotic, classy and beautiful. Heidi Switch, Bel Gris and Romeo made for a magical trio and managed to make the story as delicious and irresistible as it could ever get.


Your Comments
  • Z
    Sounds amazing, looking forward to this one.
    • Z
      Me too Zoe!
  • B
    Heidi is soft, appetizing and sensual like a freshly baked bread. Can't wait to see it.
  • D
    I'm so excited to see more of Heidi! This looks like it's going to be really good, too!
  • S
    Yasssss more Heidi!!!! So excited!
  • L
    Heidi is the reason that I signed up for Xconfessions. What a sensual scene!
    • L
  • B
    My body looks a lot like Heidi's, so its so wonderful to see her being enjoyed by two beautiful other performers.
  • W
    Great scene with Heidi's feet encrusted in flour and dough!!!!
    • W
      She's sexy even with floury feet, isn't she?
  • J
    she's like dough in their hands
  • L
    Heidy is so beautiful, and she has the cutest smiling orgasms I have ever seen. I hope to see more of her!
    • L
      And I hope so too!!
  • M
    That is amazing! I can't stop watching your scene Heidi! It is just wonderful, nothing more to say. I hope to see more of you !!!
    • M
  • S
    I found this one on a random pornsite, and was really captivated by not only the quality, but also the genuine enthusiasm of all the performers. It made me really want to support more of the same- and most of all, I love seeing women who aren't afraid of being a bit chubbier than the average absolutely, and wholly, get into it.

    Thank you Heidi (and Romeo, and Bel!) for this awesome video. I really, really hope to see more from you!
  • H
    Thank YOU for this comment! It was (and always is) a pleasure to shoot with erika's crew and cast and we had THE BEST time.... The Messiest time!
  • I
    Heidi Switch is a GODDESS. And she's northern which makes her even better.
  • C
    Loved it! Love to see a body like mine owning her sexuality/sensuality!!
  • C
    chloe louisem
    Loved this. It turned me on seeing a beautiful woman enjoying herself. Heidi has a body and a pussy a lot like mine. I recall enjoyed this and shall watch it again. More of Heidi please. She lights up the room
  • W
    I hope I get to see a lot more of you, Heidi 😍
  • A
    My personal favourite! Heidi is amazing!
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