Cane Honey

Cane Honey Porn movie details



17 mins

Director: Montiel

Performers: María Riot , Tommy Cabrio

Guest stars:

Photographer: Ana Cuba

Tags: Romance , Massage , Oral Sex , Vintage , Cheating , Passionate , Heterosexual

Based on The Sevillana Dancer a confession by Anonymous

Spanish folklore, flamenco & infidelity. 

Cane Honey is a theatrical Spanish movie that tells a story of infidelity between an experienced flamenco dancer and a younger married man. Set in a folklore universe in southern Spain, the movie takes inspiration from the work of the Spanish painter Julio Romero de Torres and the song Andalucia La Que Divierte by the 70s singer Pepe Suero. Against a backdrop of the candlelit flamenco dancer’s dressing room, adult performers Maria Riot and Tommy Cabrio meet for a sensual and erotic rendezvous.

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Interview: María Riot