Another Sex Dimension

Released 2019 | Length 19 mins

Director Sally Fenaux Barleycorn

Performers Bishop Black , Bebe Melkor-Kadior

Another Sex Dimension


Length: 19 mins

Director: Sally Fenaux Barleycorn

Performers: Bishop Black , Bebe Melkor-Kadior

Photographer: Lucia Faraig

Tags: Oral Sex , Outdoor

Based on Another Sex Dimension a confession by The Poet From Another World

What happens next is out of this world - or to be precise - out of this dimension

A group of old time friends get together at their usual spot, an abandoned house in the outskirts of the city. While they are sitting in a circle talking, a noise becomes louder and louder. A sort of buzzing sound that comes from somewhere inside the house. They start searching the house for the origin of the sound and finally find it in a room: A rectangle on the floor, the size of a single bed, that emits a strong red light. They feel magically drawn to walk into the light. Even though they are scared, they can not resist. What happens next is out of this world - or to be precise - out of this dimension.
Erika's comment
Erotic Sci-Fi Queen Sally Fenaux is back. A magical red light takes a group of curious youngsters to another sex dimension. I love Sally's work, because nobody understands mixing reality and fiction, present and future like she does. Sally has a remarkable talent for taking very real life topics and transforming them into something completely unexpected and surreal.

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