From the XConfessions series: Can cybersex be more stimulating than the real thing?




Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Juan Lucho, Lady Mai

OMG, The cybersex with my boyfriend is becoming so fun, so good, I almost don’t want to do the real thing anymore. We are actually thinking in turning this into a sex project and becoming famous. Viva Internet and viva PhotoBooth!


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

When I read your confession I thought: I must shoot a film with the most widespread sex toy in the 21st century: the webcam! I had fun mixing formats and introducing crazy photo booth effects. This was also the short film I chose for Juan Lucho's return to XConfessions -- and this time, unlike in Sadistic Trainer, he actually fucks! #SkypeSex also features Lady Mai, who already starred in my first film, Five Hot Stories for Her.

Your Comments

  • Erika Lust

    Stay connected, adsl...

  • KingCome

    I really like the film. The Light and perspective of the camera is always chosen in a artful way and the actors are also great. What I'm a little suprised of is that it's not that kind of women porn that i expected as a man. For example in the end the cuming on her face. Isn't that a typical men porn thing? Or at least most of the women wouldn't like it?
    Or also in the film "Horny Beasts" at the end. She is taken from behind while blowing. She is kind of throwing up sometimes because he puts it really deep into her throat.

  • Erika Lust

    Hi KingCome! Those are some interesting questions. I wouldn't say that XConfessions is just "women porn" - we are trying to make adult cinema that is universally appealing, for people of all genders and sexualities. A lot of the things we might think are only appealing to a certain gender or group of people are actually enjoyed by a wide range of people. And the performers I work with only do acts that they enjoy. Everyone is different - and everyone gets turned on by different things!

  • Tomasyjosie

    Thank you for this. My wife and I watch together, and we were both very turned by the slightly harder core sex in this one. It is still feminist porn, but captures some imagery that all men, and some women, fantasize about. I wish more of your movies ended with cum shots like this, while still staying artsy and beautiful. Thank you for revolutionizing our sex life!