Faithful Dogs

BY Victoria Dash
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

It's just a little game we play on Sunday mornings, but I love to see how the door of the bedroom swings open and he slowly walks in, on his fours, naked. He comes to bed, strokes my leg with his face and looks at me, like a dog asking for attention from its owner. I stroke his hair and he begins to sniff my leg until he reaches my crotch with his nose. That’s the moment I grab his head and I take control over this naughty dog that needs to be trained.

I would like to go further. I imagine him as my faithful dog, waiting impatiently every day for the arrival of his mistress to give love to and to obey her orders.

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Mònica is a photographer and art director from a town on the Costa Brava, currently living in Barcelona. She works on personal and commissioned projects.

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