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When I was living in Sicily as a young sailor I would often spend the night at my girlfriends house, one night while sleeping I had a dream... A fantasy...

I´m sitting in a Giant old opera house. The burgundy red stage curtains are closed, the lights dim, the stage is a deep dark walnut color, the seats are old. I look to my right and see Myriam, a very petite beautiful 5'5'' Italian girl. I look into her deep green eyes and she looks into mine and see the yearning behind her pupils. Her hand lays on mine and she squeezes it beforing moves it into my lap grabbing the outline of my semi-erect cock through my jeans. I look to my left and its my girlfriend Carmen with a look of approval and her hand on mine.

Butterflies erupt in my stomach before subsiding... replaced with a feeling of relief as I begin to explore Myriam and Carmen begins to explore me... kissing my sides and neck and playing with my butt while I kiss and caress Myriam. After much foreplay between all of us Myriam turns around and puts my penis inside of her. It´s so warm. It´s so wet. Carmen then slides her hand between my ass rubbing up and down, before moving to my side to kiss me passionately. I move my hands over Myriams clitoris and discover a piercing... I'm intrigued. it´s all too much with both of these beautiful women kissing me on my neck. I'm lost in complete passion and cum deep inside of Myriam...

This is where my dream ended. A pity as I would have loved to have laid Carmen and Myriam on top of each other to lick their pussy's up and down so I could taste them both together as they come at the same time...

- Perilongo

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Victor Ivanovski is a black and white photographer from Russia whose nudes are sexy, intelligent, funny and thought-provoking.

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