The Drafting Deed

BY Forrest Nymphe
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I am a female Mechanical Engineering student. So I am always surrounded by boys. I had a crush on a guy. And one fine day he brushed my buttocks during drafting class. I admonished him at the end of the class for his inappropriate behavior but secretly wondered what it would be like to have him take me then and there.

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  • tkk
    I happen to be a male Mechanical Engineering student and I would almost always rather fantasize about having sex with the few female students in my class than listen to some boring lesson about hydraulics. I haven´t touched any of these women the way you were touched but like you I can´t stop thinking about it.
  • sixsheisme
    What a memorable class that would have been ;) I also used to be a female Civil Engineering student, day dreaming in class about fucking the boy I sat next to.. there must be something in the waters.
    • tkk
      He would have definitely been a lucky boy:) Women like you, who have powerful desires and aren´t afraid to act on them are incredibly sexy. I absolutely love it! Keep dreaming and conquering, you gorgeous and sensual woman;)
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