Double Feeling

by Francesco27

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Aidi is a cute girl: long legs, curly blonde hair and green eyes. She is a colleague of mine and we had a love affair some time ago, though we were both married. She loves sex and she is always ready to experiment: she had no issues in trying fetish practices, like watersports and tickling, and she had her first lesbian experience with myself and another woman. And she definitely liked it...
After some time with her, I revealed to her a big fantasy of mine, which is watching her having sex with another man. It was not so difficult to convince her to try, but she accepted subject to one condition, i.e. that I would also actively participate to the action. She wanted to have sex with two guys at the same time...
It took not too long to select Marco as our partner for her first time with two men. He was a cute blonde guy, well equipped. He immediately established a feeling with Aidi, slowly taking off her clothes and kissing her. She remained in high heel sandals, having sex with him. I was amazed by how natural she was. After a few minutes she asked me to join and I did willingly. We were having a very good time, when Marco lay on his back and she got on top of him. I was looking at them having sex, slowly caressing her beautiful ass, when I received the most unexpected but best request of my life: "Francesco, enter as well please... Take me from behind". And this is what I did...

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