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Being a mature man, and having had a wonderful number of exquisite erotic experiences with a number of lovely, sexy, caring, horny, pervert, sweet and/or playful women and couples, my lust keeps being a jungle to me. Since my early years my lust to dominate women was obvious to me. I love to control, and I adore to go for the mutual lust and satisfaction. In that journey, the importance of sensing myself, my lust, my surroundings, my partners, and their lust has become still more clear to me. In my practice of (masculine) domination, as odd as it might seem. I have learned my female side, as also my will and lust to to be the submissive. My journey, I think, has made me more of a man. My masculine side has even grown stronger. Now I'm at the stage where I dream about my Girlfriend, to whom I am the caring dominate man, to domination me. Dominating me in the way, that I have to serve both her, and a man. Stepping in to her hold, meeting her dressed in a tight dress. Being told, that rules have changed for tonight. Serving her first, and then both.

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Luca Cacciapuoti, was born in 1993 and is a photographer most active in Naples. He graduated in New Technologies of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has approached photography after years of dance and theater. Love, attraction, sweetness, perversion, paradox are the main themes of his interminable personal research.

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