Dancing with My Lovers

BY martinj
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My lover and I go dancing at a small club every few weeks that plays EDM until 2 or 3 in the morning. The crowd is younger than us, but we dance with everyone. We are very affectionate and kiss and surreptitiously reach our hands into the most intimate places. The last time we were there, a former lover of mine, a ballet dancer who I'm still friends with, came along as well. We danced together sometimes and watching her dance, I found myself wanting to leave with her knowing that my current lover would see us and follow us back, watch as we went up the stairs and listen outside the door as we had sex. Knowing that she was outside the door, I'd be especially vocal so that she could hear us and, since she's a voyeur at heart, hopefully become turned on enough to come in, watch us and masturbate.

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Maria La Sangre is an independent designer and erotic photographer. Since 2013, author of Bloody Mary Lingerie, an online brand that works with different types of women, without photo retouching on their bodies, trying to change the concept of beauty and self-acceptance. Currently working in Argentina and Chile, making personal books to real people and working on personal projects in photography and fashion.

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