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My polyamourous partner and I share a 'loving' cuckold fantasy. We often daydream about how one day he may join me with another man, for the sole reason to enhance our experience together. He would not feel jealous, and I would not humiliate him. My partner would play with us both throughout, maximising our pleasure. He trails his hands and tongue over us as we fuck in front of him. I imagine it as an intimate, pleasure-driven exploration of our more traditional Domme/sub desires... and so erotic for me to experience both the lust of my 'stud' alongside the love of my partner.

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  • ms 7466
    Hope your fantasy becomes true...
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Noomi is reinterpreting porn with watercolors in order to portray diversity of modern sex life and celebrate openness and freedom, especially among women who struggle to admit their sexual desires because of social stigma.

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