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I have a colleague in my work that I really love. She shares my passion of watching movies and playing video games. I have had 4 dreams where I had sex with her, my favorite one goes like this. I was sitting in my cubicle working, and then she comes over. She calls me by my name, and tells that she loves me, and then sits on my lap and kisses me and I suck on her nipples. That dream always comes to my mind when I see her and that makes me really horny. I really love her but the problem is that she is married... I always think to myself that if she wasn’t married that dream may have come true. Please Erika, make my dream come alive in one of your movies.

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Nymphainna is a catalan artist based in Barcelona focused on illustrating Love and Erotic art with bright and colorful artwork. Her approach is sex positive, woman friendly and related to the emotions. After her studies in Fine Arts and several years traveling around Europe where she worked promoting other artists, she decided to paint again in order to express her constant interest in romantic love, couple relationships and sexual eroticism. Now she is a full time artist who paints people's bodies attempting to capture moments of sexual intensity with a delicate outline of sensual energy and tenderness, her paintings are like an orgy of colors fucking each other on canvas. You can follow her erotic journey through her social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest.