German Artist and Illustrator Antonia Wetzel, aka Tonja was born in 1989 in Munich, Germany and moved to Cairo, Egypt at the age of 9. In 2007 the family moved back to Munich, where she finished high school and moved to Bremen to study psychology. During her studies she started working as an illustrator and decided to pursue a career as an artist. Still she graduated from psychology in 2013 and started studying Design at the University of the Arts in Bremen that same year. During her three years in the Design Department, she shifted towards the Fine Arts and pursued a path balancing between illustration and figurative painting. She graduated with excellency in 2016, with an artwork called "Facing the sun: contemplation of suicide, loss and love", which depicts drawings of intimacy, sex and mourning. Her work evolves around the absurdity of sexual encounters, often showing an underlying dark humor and a loving eye for human loneliness. Since 2016 she is living and working in Hamburg.

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