by 123Moondog

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The Bolero by Ravel... Some people claim this is the best music to make love to, hence the film Bolero, with Bo Derek as the star. But is this really the best music to have sex to? Not for me. The best music for us to make love to is composed by my musical hero Moondog. His strange, quirky music has an alluring influence on us. We were together recently, my lovely wife and I, and we decided to use his music in our BDSM role play. I blindfolded her and tied her to the bed with handcuffs and ankle clamps. Then I put the headphones on her ears and put on the music, drowning her in it. And to that music, the Heimdall Fanfare on repeat, I flogged and whipped her until her buttocks were all rosy red and her pussy dripping wet, waiting to be filled by me. Then, the grand finale, me doing her doggy style, coming over her ripe buttocks, cooling them with my jizz...

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  1. 123Moondog says:

    Moondog, The German Years, Heimdall Fanfare.

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