All Eyez On Me

BY Johanna

I feel the beat before I hear it. The pulsing throb - hypnotic, calls me to it. Fire fills my lungs: her essence. Our eyes lock, and then, only silence and the sound of blood rushing to my cunt. The rhythm returns and I am consumed. She is all women. Cruel and tender. Powerless, I surrender. Soft hands and hard kisses on me, in me. Harder and harder till all senses collide and I am everything and nothing, except hers. Forever in this moment, hers.

Coming on November 22

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  • CocoYeah
    So hot, I can't wait to see this!!!
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Ella Lobel is an Australian photographer and assistant, currently building her portfolio in fashion and commercial photography in London. Her personal work explores the metaphysical theory of being via series' of landscapes, portraits and self portraits. She sees her recent work shooting stills for XConfessions as an extension of this, an exploration of emotion and sexual being.