Air on Fire

BY traveldream
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I met him once, his eyes so wonderful, his red, short hair and temper  astonishing. Later we met in the street, I followed secretly, it was a tender evening.
When he saw me, he looked at me asking. His appeal was indescribable, he went to his door, he left it open, the air was on fire...
my curious views made him shy, he raised the stairway, my feelings were flying to him, even the door kept open, after some moments, I arrived. It was a romantic moment, we didn't speak, we held cups of black tea with lemon, the sight was strong, cliff-hanging, full of suspense. We began to kiss, his bed-linen was printed of roses, the perfume was incredible, elusive. The feelings were floral, silent, but strong, our bodies were as if they belonged to each other since forever. After some strong moments of intimacy, I left in the hope to come back, but already the day after, the flat was empty, he was away...

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