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Clara Blum, also known as Succube Vorace, is a French artist and a dentist. Her main interests include nude photography and doodling naive pornographic scenes in her bullet journal.

Hi Erika,

I’ve always been a great fan of your videos and I find them extremely exciting and beautiful!

I have a weird confession, most woman usually cum by vaginal stimulation or by clitoris stimulation, I on the other hand only cum when I have nipple stimulation. I've found it interesting that there isn‘t any video from you or online in the porn industry that is for people like me that get turned on the most by nipple stimulation, with that I mean, massaging, licking, sucking them, showing this in detail is enough to get me as wet as I possibly can be. I find breasts and nipples extremely arousing and I hope one day you’ll make a video based on more nipple play first and then vaginal stimulation.

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  1. pallidnight says:

    oh yes nipple play is key!! <3

  2. Salvelinus says:

    It's not just for women, you know. Experiment on your partner!

  3. Sassy70 says:

    Thank you

  4. KonDor says:

    Yes! Wonderful thought! I, as a man, have very sensitive nipples, and I absolutely need them to be touched and teased for the orgasm can become a real exstasy...
    Looking forward to that film...!

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