Let me make you happy

BY Fluxus
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

When it comes to sex, I have this strong desire to give, instead of receiving. I want to be with a guy that wants and needs what I have to offer. I want to put a harness on him and a female thong, so his penis will be barely covered. Tie his hands above his head to the bed. I want to turn him on and drive him insane with lust and desire. It turns me on the most when a guy is moaning, naturally voicing his pleasure. It's so rare these days to see and hear it in any films etc., as it mostly sounds fake... I want to put my arms under his legs, bend them over him and spread them, and rim him, put my tongue as deep inside him as possible. I Want to give him pleasure, make him moan, be free in our needs and wants... I want to suck him while he is wearing the thong, I want him to turn around on all fours and I'll put my tongue back inside him, and let him fuck my tongue, take his pleasure. I want to play and lick and bite his nipples, he must have sensitive nipples, that's a big turn on for me. I want to find all his pleasure zones, make him wild with lust and to just let go and give himself over to me. I want to make him cum as many times as possible, even using a toy to fuck him with, fill him up, wanting to hit his g-spot, and make him cum so hard. I want to ride him, while I lean over his face and allow him to suck and lick my breast, one at a time. Want to lick and suck his neck, play with his nipples, his balls, his inner thighs, massage, kiss and lick him everywhere... Is there such a guy, who would truly give himself over to me like this... ? I just want to give pleasure...

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  • Erosmann
    Wow! A real turn on for me... but would i dare? Instant hard on reading about it at least...
  • Fluxus
    Thank you
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