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BY dramanut
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

It may sound crazy, but I find it sexier when you keep a piece of clothing on when you're fucking. Not like your socks or something minimal like that, but your shirt or your jeans. I'll let my partner pull off my pants or pull up my top but I always keep one piece of clothing still on; hottest sex I ever had was with my baseball raglan top still on the whole time and panted into it as I came again and again. Something about not being completely naked keeps the mystery alive between the pair of you, and gives you something to discover. Plus, nothing gets the blood pumping more than when you're already sweating and your shirt clings to your breasts. Sometimes I'm topless with my jeans clinging to my legs, sometimes I lay in bed with my nightshirt pulled up over my breasts as I bite at my shirt sleeves to stifle my moans. Sometimes I fuck hard with my corset laced tight to my body, unable to be removed.. Whatever I decide, in my fantasies I'm never completely naked and neither is my partner, to keep the mystery alive but also to allow us a quicker escape should we need one.

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Paola de la Cruz (Muluk) was born in 1990, July 26, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s a full time activist, transfeminist, sex worker an photographer who specializes in erotic and fashion photography. Her work involves all kinds of empowered corporalities such as independent sexual workers, non-hegemonic beauties, non-binary, transgender and more.

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