Workplace Bonus

by Easy Peasy

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I've worked at the same company for 10 years and have always been flirty with my boss. We're both married but the attraction is obvious and mutual. Our flirtation has escalated over the years from flirty comments to dirty emails, a quick, grazing touch to pressing our bodies together as we kiss deeply. In the summer, his hands often find there way along my inner thighs. Our office is has almost no privacy so our encounters are never lingering. The other day, we had an afternoon of exchanging dirty emails that had gotten me wet and horny. I was standing at his desk talking work when I felt his hand slide up the back of my thighs. His fingers reached my sex and he moaned quietly when he discovered how wet he'd made me. He started slowly fucking me with one finger while using the other to play with my clit. We were constantly on watch for co-workers and couldn't make any noise. But he finger fucked me until I came, right there, at his desk. I came so hard my knees nearly gave out on me.

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  1. Erosmann says:

    Love this fantasy/experience

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