Two at a Time

by catsmeow

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My husband and I briefly had an open relationship last summer. We ended it after just 3 months, but I met someone I had a real connection with. I still have one fantasy I wish we could have fulfilled… a threesome with my lover and my husband, and them both penetrating me at once. I had been exploring and getting more comfortable with anal with my husband. He loved it, and although I didn’t, I was warming up to it. But the thought of having them both inside me at once is exhilarating. The thought of them both feeling each other through the thin walls of my cavity… the thought of all three of us orgasming together… it would happen unintentionally, after a night of hanging out and drinking, and then everyone gives in to their desires and we begin to kiss, and touch, and grope, and then there is joyous sex. Except while I am with my lover vaginally, my husband joins in anally, and everyone is deeply satisfied…

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  1. You just read my mind… I was actually writing on a very similar fantasy yesterday also with blindfolded eyes, like in the picture.

  2. Great!
    I’ve already done the same with my wife and a stranger man and it’s always giantly us both. I love it.
    However not anal, she blows me rather one. 🙂

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