Imagine Taking Two for the Team

by Anonymous

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Andrew Ryan is a talented photographer who captures raw intimacy and passion of lovers. He lives in Athens, GA and travels trough the US to shoot his unique pictures. He also curates - an arousing blog that recollects anonymous images of amateur lust.


I live with my boyfriend and sometimes at the weekend he invites two of his best friends round to watch football on tv…
I’m not very into sports so sometimes I seclude myself in the room next door. When I’m bored I often begin to touch myself and get so exited at the prospect of getting caught. What helps me to reach my GOAL even faster.. 😉
I imagine what would happen if my boyfriend and his friends came over and had fun with me… so many hands, tongues and co***s… and I am the centre of attention, not the boring sport… I can handle balls very good too… 🙂
WHO knows… Maybe one time I will get caught… I’m looking forward to it… 😉
Jessy from Germany

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