Slo Blo Mo Job


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Rocio Lunaire for

Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Alexa & Joel Tomas
Production year: 2015
Film duration: 06:44
Comments by Erika Lust
The most beautiful blowjob in slow motion... Would that look as good as it sounds? For this film, I summoned Alexa and Joel Tomas up: beautiful mouth, beautiful cock, eyes full of complicity, caresses full of love. The result is a succulent film, with tons of macro shots to watch oral sex as close as we've never done before. Your nightmare has been my lucky technical challenge.

She is adorable, she is the girl of my dreams. We are having the best sex of my life, and I hope hers too 🙂 BUT (why there’s always have to be a BUT) she is not into oral sex.

Of course you get obsessed with what you can’t have.

And here comes my problem: every night for the past six months I can’t shake this dream, or should I say nightmare?

It’s a LONG dream about a really mind blowing, slow motion, perfect, never-ending blowjob.

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  1. Fascinating video. I feel like Erika/Ms. Lust? thought, “How I can I make a blow job video I’m ok with?” You did a lovely job. (Ha! Pun. [I feel like I have to make it explicit, since you’re Scandinavian])

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