Sadistic Trainer

by Gracie50

My friend takes me to these new crossfit classes at the gym. Pro: everyone in the class is totally hot. Con: it’s so fucking hard and the trainer is an asshole! I want to get in shape, and it is a good workout. So when it gets too hard and I feel that I can’t do any more, I fantasize about tying the trainer up, stripping down with my other class-mates and fucking in front of him. The workout is finished and I have a smile on my face thinking about torturing the sadistic trainer!

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5 Responses to “Sadistic Trainer”

  1. Kubrik says:

    who’s the 1st girl on the left of the 1st photo?

  2. Erika Lust says:

    The woman with short black hair is Selina… Her partner Alex sits behind her. They were also in the xconfessions movie LET’S MAKE A PORNO!

  3. Manuel says:


    Who’s the girl standing next to Bianca Resa in the 1st pic? (The one that smokes during the vid.)

  4. Dido Wend says:

    Revenge is sweet, group sex is even sweeter. Love it! :D I would have loved a couple of guys making out too ;)

  5. Erika Lust says:

    Hi Manuel, I guess you Mean Carol Vega. She performs quite often for XCONFESSIONS!

    Thanks for your comment Dido!

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