My Roomie’s Toy

by Francesca

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Rocio Lunaire for

Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Eris, Lana Sue
Production year: 2015
Film duration: 8:50
Comments by Erika Lust
The morbid fascination caused by those close to us in our everyday life is a very powerful erotic tale: work colleagues, friends of friends, neighbors, in-laws, roomies. There is something so feasible and so unattainable at the same time that makes these stories very exciting and relatable! Plus there is the toy part, the secret... This is also the XC debut of two very special performers: Eris and Lana Sue, in a gorgeous and contemporary lesbian fantasy.

I need to confess.
I share a flat with a girl, lets call her Lisa. She’s pretty, single and likes to party hard – just like me. We get along great. But there’s a thing she doesn’t know, a secret she must never ever discover.

It was a day like any other, I came from the bathroom like every morning and discovered my phone battery was low, but I couldn’t find my charger.
So I went into Lisa’s room to borrow her’s. She had just left for university a few minutes ago and her room was a mess. But I found the charging cable on the small table next to her bed. I grabbed it and just wanted to go back to my room, when I saw that black vibrator between Lisa’s not made-up bedsheets.
Although I knew it was wrong and this was none of my business, I took it into my hands. It had quite an impressive size and it had fresh white marks of pussy juice all over it. Lisa’s juice. I don’t know why, but it turned me on. And I tried to resist, I really did. But I just had to stick out my tongue and lick on it. Then it got worse. I unwrapped my towel and got into Lisa’s bed, buck naked. I could still feel the rest of her body warmth and smell her perfume.
The vibrator started to hum monotonously when I switched it on. I spread my legs and slowly let Lisa’s toy penetrate my wet pussy. It made me come hard.
When I put it back where I found it, it still had marks of pussy juice on it. But this time it was mine.

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