I Play for Both Teams

by Ada67

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Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2013
Film duration: 9:27
Comments by Erika Lust
You know, Ada67, I think you'd be surprised at how common this is! It's 2014, and sexual fluidity is everywhere... I even have a few friends who have been in your position. And besides, anything goes in university ;) Here is my take on your confession, filmed in a little shabby-chic apartment in the center of Barcelona with three absolutely gorgeous performers. Enjoy!

When I was in university, I had a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. Neither knew that I was bisexual, or that I was two-timing them. They never suspected that my girlfriend Sara, or my guyfriend Adam were actually my fuckpuppets all along. I loved them both, but they really didn’t see it that way when found out about each other. Oops!

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4 responses to “I Play for Both Teams”

  1. Loved the lesbian stuff, loved the strap on. Also loved the blonde actress. Didn’t like the guy at all and I don’t like how it went back and forth between the straight stuff and the lesbian stuff. I wanted to watch one without the other.

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