Perdidos en un trozo de paraíso

by Yaiza

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Mario and I had walked all morning, we’d lost track of time climbing the mountain. We were exhausted and drenched in sweat, that’s when I heard running water. I followed the sound and Mario followed me.

A few pools of water, a piece of hidden paradise. I took off my clothes and kept my bra and panties on while Mario gave me a smile. I approached the edge of the water and gave him a playful look, then I submerged quickly and turned to look at him while I bit my lip. I could feel his nervousness and intrigue, so I decided to take off my panties first and throw them to the edge. When I saw him approaching to pick up my panties, I decided to take off the bra and throw it even closer, so that he’d have to come to me little by little.

He took the hint and slowly undressed as he entered the water, leaving his clothes next to mine. He swam until he reached me and began to kiss me. We brushed against each other slowly, until he sat me in front of him on his lap, very close to his penis, and started kissing me. Then it happened. I let out a loud moan and went on and on, this time he was biting my nipples. Slowly I approached the shore and lay on the rocks, while he continued to move inside me, deep, while shouting with pleasure.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I threw him onto the ground next to me and got on top of him. I moved quickly and opened my mouth with pleasure, closed my eyes as I was about to come, took his hands and placed them on my breasts so he could pinch my nipples. Passion seized Mario then, so he carried me, still inside me, and put my back against a tree, growing stronger and deeper until we both came. He lay me gently on the floor and began to kiss my vagina, to lick it faster and faster while I pressed his head against my body. He began to use his hands and I came again, accompanied by a huge moan.

He climbed up to my mouth, kissing every inch of my body.

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