Pacto en un Cruce de Caminos

by Estrobodelico

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Intellectual, imaginative and elegant... ‘Ink is my blood’ is the motto of this passionate artist. Based in Europe, mysterious Apollonia Saintclair is probably one of the most relevant contemporary erotic illustrators.


I’ve always fantasized about making a pact at a crossroads, in the style of Robert Johnson. One day at about midnight I drive to the outskirts of the city and encounter a crossroads, the night is very dark with no one around for miles so I think ‘why not?’. I stand at the crossroads and after a short wait, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen appears. She says “You wanted to see me and I know what you want; You want a unique talent, like many before you.” “And you can help me?” I answer anxiously. “That’s why I’m here.” She says while stroking my abdomen. Then I enter into a state of paranormal ecstasy, the night becomes darker and my clothes fade in the meantime, she’s also naked and gives me a very warm and passionate kiss, while watching me lustfully with her eyes red as charcoal, then I kneel down and start kissing her abdomen until I get to her perfect pussy. I begin with small kisses, quick and slow, licking randomly as her hips move to the rhythm of my tongue, twisting with pleasure. She can no longer resist and falls in front of me on both knees, turns and puts my hands on her splendid tits, while I penetrate her brutally. A cry of masochistic pain comes out of her mouth as she asks me for more, our sweat is illuminated by a spectral red light and in a distant car we hear Therion’s Clavicle Nox. My penetration is deep and constant and sometimes I pull her hair hard, and I caress and kiss her neck gently, and her throbbing pussy seems to tighten around my massive penis, the sound of our bodies is very morbid and pleasure rips us from within. Her hips succumb when my hot semen floods her like the eruption of a volcano. I fall asleep on the asphalt as she stands up and tells me “it looks like you already had the talent you wanted and I got what I wanted from you.” touching her tummy like a pregnant woman would.

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