Noir & Daryl

by sexkult

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Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Noir, Daryl
Production year: 2017
Film duration: 17
Comments by Erika Lust
I love Rock 'n' Roll! This was such a fun day shooting on set, we got to put on a gig for the musical British duo SexKult and invite a bunch of Lust friends and insiders! If you like music and sex, you're going to love this ;)

Daryl and I knew each other for several years before we actually started sleeping together. We were both fresh to Brighton UK, him to study music and me to study philosophy. I was in a band with his older brother and Daryl played some shows with us…. As soon as I met him, even though he was younger than me, I felt the shyness that comes from attraction, although, being very unawakened sexually, I didn’t realise then that that was what it was. He was seventeen, I was nineteen. We didn’t start fucking until he was twenty-four and I was twenty-six…and in a long-term relationship with someone else…

For both of us, it was a sexual awakening. Partly heightened by the fact it was forbidden and had to be kept secret, eventually we realised our connection went deeper than just sex. I ended my relationship and soon we were full time lovers.

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  1. Fuck I loved this!!! They are so hot and such a cool couple, making art together and creating together, it’s like Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe <3

  2. I just tried downloading this in High Quality SD and it told me that the file doesn’t exist. Thought you might want to know =)

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