XConfessions Vol. 2 – Remastered Edition

We did it again! We remastered XConfessions Vol.2 – and it now looks way sexier.

After remastering XConfessions Vol.4, we realized how colour correction and grading could bring our films to an inspiring next level. So we decided to do the same with XConfessions Vol.2,one of the best seller compilations from the XConfessions series!

The volume now has better image, and the footage match perfectly from shot to shot. It will make you want to watch it in your big screen in the living room, accompanied by a big bucket of popcorn and some soda. Ok, maybe replace the soda with wine. And maybe that bucket could have a hole at the bottom (maybe try placing the bucket on someone else’s lap for optimum results).

This is what you’ll see inXConfessions Vol 2:

Also available for download in my store!