XConfessions presents: Try my Boyfriend!

Her boyfriend was SO good at eating her that she just couldn’t keep it to herself. It wasn’t fair! But just telling the world about it wouldn’t be enough, her boyfriends skills deserved way more than that. It was a matter of justice, after all. The world had to feel it just like she did, it had to come just like she did!

This week at XConfessions you will have a blast: colors, games and plenty of smart irony to tell the story of a man who really knows how to lick a clit. Anastasia walks in as the blessed girlfriend who tells her curious naughty friends Miyuki Son, Lina Bembe, Natalia Ferrari and Zazel Paradise about her perfect-kind-a-guy, blessed-tongue-owner, Jay Smooth. Of course, they all wanted to try it! So she said the magical words: friends, you should Try My Boyfriend!

But how would it work? How much is the offer? All we know is that all the girls wanted him, it was enough for him to have a feast. Oh, if at least more men could do what he does…

But wait! What if there are? How can we find them? Naughty girls will make sure to find a way. Find about it now!