XConfessions’ peep show: Chicazo!

Today’s  release is elegant, smart, vibrant and quite different than other movies. It has a special, what’s the word, charm. Something hot & cold, light and strong… Something unique.

Luna Corazón plays this gorgeous, hot and somehow absent stripper from a peep show down Las Ramblas, in Barcelona. She’s the one who shows up when Tyler Nixon – a sweet, regular traveler – walks in with a couple of coins in his hand. He doesn’t know what to expect. She knows exactly what to do. With a spectacular Finnish tango as a soundtrack, she’ll expose herself entirely to this show – only to dress herself back once it’s all over.

The film is something like a naughty celebration: the golden curtains, her hat & tie, Tyler performing the sweet but horny young man… and the need of keeping some sort of tension in the air until the very last moment! These two got the idea at 100% and the result is incredibly seductive.

Following the instructions of choreographer Riika Laakso, Luna dances with her soul. It seems that those Brazilian hips could turn a stone on if she wanted to. She’s got this impressive expression, strong and sensual, and she definitely owns the room…

Watch it now!